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General Life Stuff and Around the Book World Unfortunately the well-respected author Brian Keene was in a Brushfire accident on June 5th, which resulted in burns on his face and body. I'm sorry to hear this news. Fans have started a GoFundMe account that has already almost reached its goal in only one day to help with medical costs. Keene has acquired a lot of fans and support amongst the author and reader community over the years. Here is the author's official website . My prayers that Mr. Keene makes a full, swift recovery. We're all in your corner. Going back to more emotionally-neutral news, the free summer YA Audiobook program is still continuing with the annual  SYNC Audiobook Program  - 2 downloads per week free, they only last one week before the chance expires. Don't miss it. Finally The Great American Read  premiere episode has aired and after I waited months for it to finally get here, I'm happy to say it wasn't at all disappointi

The Bad Seed by William March

No Series CLASSIC, DRAMA, THRILLER What happens to ordinary families into whose midst a child serial killer is born? This is the question at the center of William March's classic thriller. After its initial publication in 1954, the book went on to become a million–copy bestseller, a wildly successful Broadway show, and a Warner Brothers film. The spine–tingling tale of little Rhoda Penmark had a tremendous impact on the thriller genre and generated a whole perdurable crop of creepy kids. Today, The Bad Seed remains a masterpiece of suspense that's as chilling, intelligent, and timely as ever before. “It seemed to her suddenly that violence was an inescapable factor of the heart, perhaps the most important factor of all - an ineradicable thing that lay, like a bad seed, behind kindness, behind compassion, behind the embrace of love itself. Sometimes it lay deeply hidden, sometimes it lay close to the surface; but always it was there