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24in48 Hr Read-a-thon, July 21-22

July 21 - 22, 2018 Personal Tracking Spreadsheet This is the first time I'll be participating in the 24-in-48 hour. As much as I enjoy the 24 hr Dewey, I think this one will have a bonus - you don't have to worry about getting a full night's sleep and doing some other stuff as long as 24 hours is done in the two days. Both types of read-a-thons have their perks! As I did with Dewey this year, I'm going to track on a Google Spreadsheet and then update. Not sure the hours I'll do yet but it will NOT be morning :)  Things I need to remember - every 3 hrs, a new post will publish on their blog with either a challenge or check-in. The Hour 0 challenge is intro survey, end hour exit survey. Prize pack eligibility requires keeping exact tracking of time. Challenges: every six hours (6,12,18,24). Official Website , Twitter Tag: #24in48 , Instagram & Facebook Tag: #24in48 My Twitter Update Feed Post ---------------------------------------------

Reverse Summer Read-a-Thon (July 27-July 28)

This "reverse read-a-thon" starts at night and continues to the next evening, 8 pm worldwide July 27 to 8 pm July 28. Dewey has surprised us! I won't be able to do a full 24 hour, or even 17 hour like I did with Dewey's, since I won't have the house to myself and I have tons to do that weekend. Still, hope to get at least 10 hours in, we shall see. 24 Hour Read-a-Thon Twitter Tag: # reversereadathon Personal Tracking Spreadsheet  AND.....I'm slow. It doesn't feel like it's really here. It's 8:49, the readathon started at 8:00, but I'm sitting here in chill mode. Soon - mwhahaha - soon! I'm aiming for 15 hours, not the whole enchilada. I'm looking forward to a full night's sleep in between and maybe some extra cushioning events (like now apparently.) Again....soon. Meanwhile, here is the opening Reader Survey, Hour One 1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? 2) Which book in your st