(Kara Gillian, #2)
  Urban Fantasy


Welcome to the world of Kara Gillian, a cop with a gift. Not only does she have the power of “othersight” to see what most people can’t even imagine, but she’s become the exclusive summoner of a demon lord. Or maybe it’s the other way around. The fact is, with two troublesome cases on her docket and a handsome FBI agent under her skin, Kara needs the help of sexy, insatiable Lord Rhyzkahl more than he needs her. Because these two victims, linked by suspicious coincidence, haven’t just been murdered. Something has eaten their souls.

It’s a case with roots in the arcane, but whose evil has flowered among the rich, powerful, and corrupt in Beaulac, Louisiana. And as the killings continue, Kara soon realizes how much there’s still to learn about demons, men, and things that kill in the night—and how little time she has to learn it.

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Better than the original, and the original is fun. The demon mythology world Rowland created is interesting to follow and easy to be sucked into, the Urban Fantasy is so mixed into police procedural that it’s more of a dual-drama. Blood of the Demons story was clever and twisted, delving into another supernatural creature and as Kara learns about it, we do too.

The mystery element was gigantic as well, since many of the twists and investigative leads made little sense on how they could be intertwined. That is, of course, until the end where it’s discovered – tada! – mystery solved, and a clever one at that.

Pacing stays consistent from start to finish, the story didn’t tire itself out, and there’s still plenty left to be discovered about the main characters. The ending isn’t an annoying cliffhanger, but the final events were exciting morsels that make me hunger for the next book.

For a nice, surprising change I loved Kara’s personality. She is not the typical, overly bitchy heroine with something to prove like most UF protagonists. This stereotype is usually true when the women are cops. Instead she’s actually sweet, funny, fair, understanding, and strong when she needs to be. The author is clearly not afraid to show vulnerabilities (which makes her more realistic.)

The sex is again limited, but the scene where it’s shown…triple wow. The mystery with Ryan is still strong and just enough tidbits are given where I’m curious but have no idea what’s going on. The ending is a cliffhanger.

The demon lore is particularly well developed – not the Christian version, different hierarchies, summoning and arcane magic. Rowland writes well and plays out good characters, even if I do find Ryan a bit dull still. Her blend of mystery, humor, and action blend well.

I have not put this one as five material yet – it’s exciting, fun to follow, but there is an element about it that lacks realism. Better than the first.

   Book Quotes:

“You’re all angles and elbows right now.” I gave him a sour look. “You certainly know how to make a girl feel sexy.”

He grinned. “Well, how about: If anyone can make an oversize polyester uniform look hot, it’s you.”

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Glossary for the Kara Gillian series

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