Five of Superman's Most Memorable Adventures

(No Series)

Comic Book style novel with Five of Superman's most memorable adventures, The Copmplete Story of Superman's Life, Superman's Mermaid Sweetheart, Superman's Greatest Secret, The Legion of Super-Villains, & When Superman Lost His Memory!

This superman collection features five short stories - The Complete Story of Superman's Life, Superman's Mermaid Sweetheart, Superman's Greatest Secret, The Legion of Super-Villains, and When Superman Lost His Memory.

The best is Superman's Mermaid Sweetheart. I've always enjoyed the rare story about Lori Lemaris, and this one really delves as much as this child-like collection can. Apparently the man in red and blue was willing to leave the Earth's surface and live underwater with Lori, but the end resulted in a strange twist that doesn't make complete sense. Hey, whatever works for simple stories, right? Overall interesting in the beginning, surprising in the middle, and a weird deflation with the wrap-up.

The Legion of Super-Villains centers on Lex Luthor and another devious escape to flee the prison he's contained in. Far fetched results make funny effects at the end.

Superman's Greatest Secret is also amusing where Lois is trying to prove once and for all Superman is actually Clark Kent. Always one leap ahead, it's a semi-amusing ride to see her plans foiled.

When Superman lost his memory is the weakest - then again, I hate amnesia plots in general and on principle. There are some funny moments that make it worth a read, though, especially on the construction site. The ending is a cut-off, cop-out that doesn't explain how he'd get out of the situation with Perry.

The Complete Story of Superman's Life - yet another tale of the superhero's origins, but this one was a bit weaker. This version had one red son, not three, and they played on the powers being evident from birth. Superbaby, Superboy, Superman. Both parents die in this version, and the ending is a nice goodbye to the town as they gather to wish him well.

Overall the stories are written in a juvenile touch, nothing that impressive compared to other stories I've read and am more used to. Superman fans will enjoy childlike cheesiness, but it's not a must-have for fans by any means.

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