Spring Bloggiesta 2018

Spring Bloggiesta will be a week long challenge, March 19-25th, where we all get focus on that massive to-do list for improving, maintaining, and generally making your blog great. Hosted here.

My Planned Do List
  • Catch up on at least 25% of backlogged reviews (list will be below)
  • Make 10th page of E-Card Set Links
  • Get mini feature set up and running, 'First and Last Lines'
  • Finally get 2018 Challenge page completely up and updated!
  • Put 'Reviews by Author' in a Table Format 
  • Updated old Harlequin Mini Posts to match new format
  • Do updated Harlequin Mini Post
  • Finish existing draft 'Cover Crush' posts
  • Check Printable Bookmark and Craft Bookmark Links
  • Finish at least two articles that are currently in draft
  • Put up February Update finally...

Review Backlog (Changes as Updated)
  • Fever Series
    • Burned
    • Feverborn
    • Feversong
  • Jane Yellowrock Series
    • Skinwalker
    • Blood Cross
    • Mercy Blade
    • Raven Cursed
    • Death's Rival
    • Blood Trade
    • Black Arts
    • Broken Soul
    • Dark Heir
    • Shadow Rites
    • Cold Reign
  • Curse of the Gods Series
    • Persuasion
    • Seduction
  • Pepper Martin Series
    • Night of the Loving Dead
    • Tombs of Endearment
    • Dead Man Talking
    • Tomb with a View
    • Supernatural Born Killers
  • Others
    • All Netgalley Finished Books
    • The Orchard Theif

Paperback Stash

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