The Black Silent By David Dunn

(No Series)

David Dun's work as a lawyer has, over the years, brought him into contact with a number of experts in the fields of technological and biomedical research. The knowledge Dun has gleaned from them gives his books a cutting-edge sensibility.

Dunn catches the reader off guard and pushes them into a pool filled with harrowing obstacles, near escapes, exciting chases, and witty characters. Dialogue is intelligent and believeable, each character serves a purpose, the mystery is thick enough to be plausible, suspense is present in each chapter. The pace is swift and deadly, and the mission/goal of the characters clear and easily sympathized with. The plight is believable and not dopey, while the ending wraps up the entire battle quite expertly. If this book does have flaws, it's that the character of Sam is a bit unbelievable in his abilities to overcome so much, and that the villain is a bit 'too bad'. Overall though, a great read, highly recommended, and a must for suspense fans.

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