Dark Magic by Christine Feehan

(Dark Series, #4)
Paranormal Romance

Young Savannah Dubrinsky is a mistress of illusion, a world-famous magician capable of mesmerizing millions. But there is one--Gregori, the Dark One--who holds her in terrifying thrall. Whose cold silver eyes and heated sensuality send shivers of danger, of desire, down her slender spine.

With a dark magic all his own, Gregori--the implacable hunter, the legendary healer, the most powerful of Carpathian males--whispers in Savannah's mind that he is her destiny. That she was born to save his immortal soul. And now, here in New Orleans, the hour has finally come to claim her. To make her completely his. In a ritual as old as time ... and as inescapable as eternity.

“Stay out of my mind. You certainly weren't invited. And just for the record, your mind needs to be washed out with soap! Half the things you think we're going to do are never going to happen. I could never look at you again.” 

Well....ahem. This book suffers from the same flaws as Dark Prince: the writing is too soppy, the same phrases are repeated too often, and falling into the romance genre failure (over dramatization.) But, BUT, this book is a treat. I had a soft spot in my heart for Dark Prince and its characters. When Gregori, the Dark One, appeared at the end I was intrigued. When skimming for other books in this series, I was glued to the back covers, wanting not to read in order, but the read the one telling his story. Finally this is it, and I'm glad to say I'm not disappointed.

I guess I love bad boys, Gregori keeps my heart fluttering. Mikhail was tall, handsome, and dark, and Gregori is even darker and more authoritative. His overly domineering ways would get on a woman's nerves, but you see a side of him here that really made my heart reach out to him. His power and strength are a major turn-on. The heroine Savannah is adorable, has a wickedly teasing personality, inner strength, and the right amount of hesitancy (always an erotic touch.) So yep, another case of the characters making the book find a permanent place in my head.

I have to give Kudos to Feehan for something else as well. A minor character, a friend of Savannah's, dies at the beginning of the novel. Typically movies and books grieve at first, then never mention the poor sap again. Or they do bring it up at the end as a point, not with feeling. Here Savannah grieves realistically, not 'getting over it' overnight. I loved that! She wasn't mopey or whiney about it, but it came across very convincing. The more genuine the emotion, the better.

The continuation of the human vampire hunters was welcomed, as was the villain. Kept a mystery until the end, the swamp tale was creatively disturbing. I grew a bond with the new human character and hope he returns as well, as his personality was beyond endearing. The final pages were heartwarming and inspiring.

It is true that there is a formula each book follows, but the personal story told here was one I actually care about. Could I choose between Dark Prince or Dark Magic? Nope, it's impossible. They're both great in their own rights.

   Book Moment:

She thumped him again.

He looked startled, then caught her flying fist in his hand and gently pried her fingers open. Very carefully he pressed a kiss into the exact center of her palm. 'Savannah? Were you trying to hit me?'

'I did hit you--twice, you scum. You didn't even notice the first time.' She sounded very irritated with him.

For some reason it made him want to smile. 'I apologize, mon amour. Next time, I promise I will notice when you strike me.' The hard edge to his mouth softened into a semblance of a smile. 'I will even go so far as to pretend that it hurts, if you wish it.”

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