Eyes of Prey by Barry Hoffman

(Eyes, #2)

Lysette had seen it all. As a child she had witnessed her parents' gruesome murder, and as an adult, she had seen men leering at her as she worked the strip clubs. But that night in the subway, the night she shot the mugger, she saw something else. She saw the mugger, dying and bleeding, at her feet. And she saw her mission in life. That night, the Nightwatcher was born. That night, the terror began.

The sequel to Hungry Eyes, Eyes of Prey is as sensational as the first, slightly longer, and just as interesting. As the back cover blurb announces, Lysette begins a personal vendetta of sorts to defend herself against attackers. Take power for herself being the vulnerable victim no longer. Clean up the streets and put peace in her heart once again.

Soon the police are on the trail for a killer, but Shara and Deidre are the only ones who can uncover the truth. This makes it a bit tough if Shara finds she shares a certain connection with the new killer Lysette. And Deidre finds herself feeling left out of the deal, while pushing against several sides in her own life.

What will be the outcome?

Intense. That's the perfect word to describe it. At times bleak and tragic, at other times strong and determined, but always intense. Lysette is a worthy character to read about and I dug her, especially the relationship she held with Angel. Revelations that came to her at the ending were surprising. I felt for her tortures and much of it was sad beyond belief. In small ways she was written a bit shallow, but this can be forgiven since Hoffman had the two other major characters to focus on as well. Deidre is back as in the first but more is delved into her personal life. She is still as interesting as she was from the Hungry Eyes, yet a little more fleshed out. Hoffman does a great job of showing her life through small things, letting the reader get a personal impression for themselves. Shara is back and the same but with different purposes. She's still as strong as ever but at times exasperated me, as I'm sure she did Deidra.

The pace is solid and swift, in high gear from start line to finish. Hoffman's style is unique and clever. His words are creative but not overly complicated to where they become tiresome. Enthusiasm for his characters shine through.

An excellent sequel to Hungry Eyes, if you were left wanting more -- this is a great runner up. Even as a stand alone book, Eyes of Prey is a great read with a multitude of social commentaries.

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