The Family Herbal by Barbara and Peter Theiss

(No Series)
  Nonfiction / Herbal

Applying their extensive experience as parents as well as professionals in the fields of naturopathy, pharmacology, and herbology, Barbara and Peter Theiss show how natural herbal medicine is the healthiest and most effective method to care for most of the family's health needs.

Explains why childhood illnesses and disorders of old age respond exceptionally well to herbal treatment, and includes chapters on healing herbs for women, the immune system, the common cold, and emergency first aid.

Shows how medicinal plants can effectively prevent and treat skin irritations, upset stomach, earaches, sore throats, stress headaches, pulled muscles and tendons, and many other conditions.

While I was upset they decided to remove comfrey - and announced this fast at the beginning - due to controversy, and replaced it instead with an herb that they said was "more mainstream and with more studies behind it", The Family Herbal is a great herbal for anyone interested in alternative healing.

The first large bonus it has going for it is Chapter 8, which deals primarily with the famous formula Swedenbitters, giving tribute to Maria Treben for bringing its attention to the world again. Not very many books mention this combination enough, so it's always a delight to find one that does. They discuss it in detail and their successes with it, as well as instructions for a Swedenbitters poultice (accompanied with pictures.) Great stuff.

The Cleansing and fasting chapter is informative as well, detailing several herbs they prefer for cleansing (such as Stinging Nettle), giving various recipes and skin advise.The rest of the book focuses on chapters broken into various body systems.Each chapter details various herbs best suited to the ailments, as well as formulas they prefer, and why.

While not huge in length, it's clear these two truly have experience and are not just 'experts', something that endears me to this book more than anything else. Reading an herbal created from two that firmly believe in nature and God's healing power, who believe in what they're saying, who aren't just quoting but are telling their experiences and sharing remedies they've used, shared, and sold for years is priceless.

An underrated book to have, the glossy pages make it an even more enjoyable pleasure to read. (Along with the detailed, color pictures of various plants and procedures)