Prescription for Nutritional Healing

(No Series)
  Nonfiction / Herbal

A comprehensive source of information on the vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other dietary supplements that are now available.

If you're into vitamins, minerals, and supplements, this book will be sure to please you. I'm not one into pill nutrients much, but hold this book in high regard because it is seemingly endless with its information. There are countless disorders, with information on them - then treatments - then final notes. The authors were obviously not in a hurry as some seem to be, or pressed for space. It's a great resource that covers so much more than just what it says it does.

There are chapters on vitamins, minerals, herbs, but the great heart of this book is the index referencing various conditions and ailments - everything from research, herbal suggestions, vitamin and mineral therapies with dosage recommendations - wonderful stuff. There are of course some eyebrow raising points, such as how orange juice is bad for everyone, but the authors seem to know their stuff and it shows. Highly recommended.