Heal your life with home remedies and herbs - Hanna Kroeger

(No Series)
  Nonfiction / Herbal

A timely, practical, simple-to-use, all-inclusive book written by an 80-year-old leader in the natural health field, "Heal Your Life with Herbs" features the author's remedies and advice for herbal therapies that can either heal or greatly improve a wide variety of common ailments. Instructions for making one's own tinctures and formulas are included.

It is never advertised on this book that so much of it deals with a unique spiritual outlook, such as with chakras, mind and body connections, and such. Because reading the back of the book, the front of it, or even in the title never lets the reader know this, I have to drop a point just for that alone. Usually it's clear if I'm buying a book just on herbalism, or on TCM, Ayurveda, etc....it should have been said here as well. Furthermore they didnt jump into the book right. It starts right off with the chakras as if the reader has already been given a few chapters before and just never read them.

Text is easy to understand and, while not written badly, it's clear Kroeger was more of a healer than a writer. Chapters are broken up rather abruptly and without warning -- the same as their introductions.

Besides the unusual healing outlook, I did find interest with a couple things. The healing hands chapter is decent. While not all of them make sense to me, they are unique and worth reading about it. Curious on the nervous breakdowns and fallen arches, for example. Emotions is a chapter I did have issues with, as I never saw jealousy causing lung troubles, etc, my mind doesn't wrap around this. I'm not putting down anyone's beliefs that DO, but really - no warning on this before buying the book?? The inner organ chapter was a saver, but overall just not my cup of tea.

Chapter fifteen is the "home remedies" This is all put in a simple table that lasts for pages and pages of the book. Simple: Health issue, then vitamin minerals box, then finally Spices/Herbs/Kitchen Aids reading straight across. It's all jotted this way without words for sentences. This is the herbal remedies and recommendations. How .... enlightening. There is obviously not enough to room to really list WHY the remedies are there, what she's seen happen with them, etc, etc, just a jot down of what to do.

This 'Table' lasts from 113 to 291.

Really I do admire Hanna Kroeger, she was an amazing woman and healer. This book, though, is not something I'd recommend to anybody. It does have a large amount of information, but on what exactly I don't really know at all times. Some of the info is scanty at best, and the quick jotted home remedies in a table with only 3 sections across sadly isn't what I expected.

If you are a fan of Kroeger, read this book, but otherwise pick something else up.