Homeopathic Remedies - Asa Hershoff

(No Series)
  Nonfiction / Herbal

Organized alphabetically by disorder, this convenient reference clearly describes all you need to know about homeopathy and the treatment of numerous disorders. For each condition, many possible remedies are suggested so you can find the one that most accurately fits your symptoms. From food poisoning to varicose veins, this book provides detailed homeopathic solutions for a wide range of ailments.

*Almost a mirror image of his herbal remedy book, I recommend them as companion guides. The rating is as a companion guide, not on the same scale as other standard herbals*

Like his other book on herbal remedies, Asa Hershoff, ND, divides the source into an easily readable guide. He started out with a long chapter on homeopathic advantages, research on the remedies, their types, history of, and more. This include types of pain, taking the remedies, doses, and processes. The treatment index guide is broken into sections identical to the herbal guide. Each condition is listed alphabetically under its condition, with a brief intro on the problem and how to solve it, followed then by a list of homeopathic remedies by name only then 3-4 lines below. Each line has a different reason for using it. Stars are by the homeopathic remedy, signifying how recommended it is. One star means a weaker treatment, while five is obviously highly regarded.

While in no means a comprehensive 'teaching' text, it's not meant to be. Instead it's a reference that allows easy location of conditions and their treatment, with notes jotted down. Concise, clear, and good to grab in a pinch.