STICKY --- I'M SUCH A NERD, bookplates to print!

Remember when you were younger and became obsessed with bookplates sometimes? Had to save up the money, beg for a ride to the bookstore, buy as many as you could pitifully afford, then lovingly adorn the inside of your books with them??

Oh....that was just me? Alrighty then. :(

Anyway, for those of you who were nutty from birth like yours truly, I got the idea of searching printable bookplates. After all, I'm cheap as hell and now that I can drive, I'm too lazy to go to the bookstore just for these. Hence - printable bookmarks :) If only I were smart enough to search for these before...

Come on, you know you want the picture here. It's too cute. Admit it. Accept it. Give in!

Link to the above (From My Home Library site)

And.... more from the same site

Bookplates from HP

6 Free Bookplates from Nick Bantock

2 Free Bookplates from Girl Genious

Here are 2 for kids

Several gorgeous ones from Bookhive

Four from Paul Jennings

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