Mini Book Splurge - Isn't life fun when spending money!?!

Today was my mother's birthday, so off our little clan went to eat at The Golden Corral. Of course, she figured with a coupon we would save around eight dollars. Did any of us have a flyer handy? Nope. The good plan was to go to this great little consignment shop we know of, pick up a flyer (they have them there), and head out. Naturally once I ended up spending twenty there, the savings weren't so great any longer...

Picked up the following book wise -

DADDY - Danielle Steel
FASCINATION - Hilary Norman
CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF - Stephen King (Illustrated Version)
NO GREATER LOVE - Danielle Steele

All, save for cycle, are hardcover. I don't have enough of them to start with.

I admit I haven't read much Steele. Most of her stuff never appealed all that much to me. I believe I did read one or two looong ago. What the hell, I'm giving her a shot. The plot for "Daddy" sounds depressing and weepy - right up my alley.

I've never heard of Hilary Norman, but I wanted to splurge as much as I could in the mini section.

The biggest excitement is King's Cycle. It's a great looking little book with nice illustrations. I never knew it came in this format. Perhaps I'm lucky to have found it, but knowing my real luck it's likely to be something around every street corner.

Taking best friend Melissa for the first time to a beloved used bookstore Saturday. It's called The Book Bizarre and it feels like home when I walk in there. It's only been a week or so since the last time, when I went on a paranormal romance purchasing craze. I'm sure I won't be able to resist picking up some more books this weekend, how could I??


ImCrazy4Drew said...

I might even buy you a couple! Can't wait!! Elizabeth is really excited about going to the bookstore too!

ErinPaperbackstash said...

I'll be able to pick up some books definitely - it would be impossible for me to walk into a bookstore and not. Could you imagine the terror? I'd spend my last dime!

Can't wait either ;)

ImCrazy4Drew said...

And you pretty much did! :)

ErinPaperbackstash said...

Errr well, yeah. At least I left enough $$$ for rent =)

ImCrazy4Drew said...

Yay! :)