A Modern Herbal by Margaret Grieve

(No Series)
  Nonfiction / Herbal

Gigantic alphabetical encyclopedia, from aconite to zedoary, gives botanical information, medical properties, folklore, economic uses, much else. Indispensable to serious reader. "There is not one page of this enchanting book which does not contain something to interest." — Spectator. Total in set: 161 illustrations.

I was fortunate enough to find both this and volume 2 for a very cheap price at a used bookstore. The price was more than worth it. Discusses the medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and economic properties of a large variety of herbs, beginning with aconite and ending in the H's. The materia medicas have been broken into 2 parts, but the full index is available in both versions. Strangely enough, above the index on each page it doesn't say list of plants, but lists of plates. If anyone could explain this to me, I'd appreciate it.

Overall a very worthy reference aide. Not the one I turn to the most but one I do use quite a bit. Information is not spared on herbs, and each gets at least a page, with tiny text. Sometimes an old poem or piece from an ancient Materia Medica is given as a treat, such as with Culpeper and Gerard. There really aren't many recipes and formulas in these books but the ones given can be useful. For instance, apple butter, Almond butter, Almond milk etc ( much is written on almonds )

I especially enjoyed all the folklore details included here, very nice in rich history. Diagrams adorn many pages, in black and white, all helping the old feel appeal.

A great choice for reference materials, now considered classics. Read both online free here.