Natural Beauty From The Garden - Janice Cox

(No Series)
  Nonfiction / Beauty

Over 200 new recipes that make use of common flowers, plants, herbs, grasses, and trees to create useful and lovely products for all aspects of skin, hair care, and bathing enjoyment.

This book is great in that it's easy to read, fun to skim through, and filled to the brim with useful recipes and ideas. From hair care, to skin, to lips, to homemade makeup and bath products, Cox covers just about all of it. Some herbs and natural remedies are covered with interesting folklore and background, such as the Hopi wedding Indian ritual.

The reasons it only earns an average rating, however, is due to several issues. For one thing, it really is just beauty from the kitchen. The vast majority of these recipes are all those you make at once and use only once. No actual 'cosmetic' recipes or long lasting toiletries. Lotions and creams are pretty basic and are actually old fashioned, such as with borax and beeswax, not highly recommended ways of making lotion. Very little on herbs are covered, mainly with veggies and fruits and stuff such as that.

The craft ideas are very basic but good ideas, such as creating a personalized hair brush. There are some great recipes for soaps but no beginner instructions or many safety precautions. The list is not long for these but she does cover just about everything in natural beauty, I just wish she covered it for more than just 'kitchen quick fixes'