Neverland - Douglas Clegg

(No Series)

High on a bluff looking out on the ocean is an ancient shack -- the secret place called Neverland. Here on Gull Island, a misbegotten spit of Georgia coast, young Beau Jackson joins his cousin Sumter in strange, sinister games...rituals that grow into a sickening explosion of pure evil. Soon a tide of blood fury will rise, swamping the island in a raging, all-engulfing sea of merciless terror...

Every time I thought I may have figured out what was going on, that theory was always tossed out the window when I delved further into this harrowing cauldron bubbling with nightmares and fantasy. Clegg kept me on my toes, to the point where at times it began to grow painful...

Douglas Clegg is a master of fantasy and imagination. THIS plot is nothing simple; it turns out to be creative ,and unpredictable as hell, and I stand with applause for the hours he must have spent brainstorming this one.

The setting, at least, was beautiful. The old house, the surrounding area, the shack, and the water. Everything was painted clearly on the pages, and I felt clearly [there]. After this aspect, however, the beauty stops.

There is some cruelty in this book. Besides animals there is also the hardships children go through with parents that have serious issues. The old grandmother is seen as a benevolent force, but as the story continued my thoughts about the woman changed. Trouble was, I kept trying to put her into some sort of conspiracy when trying to figure out just what was going on.

It's rare to find novels told completely through the ey! es of a child, but this one pulls that trick and succeeds with dazzling effects.

Beau is adorable and likable while just now crossing that line into semi-adult intelligence. His accompanied sisters are less enjoyable but realistic enough in actions. And Sumter himself -- it's hard to know what to think on him. You either think he's a bit of a brat, or else feel incredibly sorry for the little lad. Whatever your thoughts on the kids in general, they DO manage to stir up quite a bit of trouble that kept me entertained well into the night!

The pace is quick when it should be, slower when its appropriate, and overall ends with a stunning conclusion. Another thing I appreciated was that Clegg wrote in what happened to the characters we just spent all that time reading about AFTER the story was over.

Clegg's writing is haunting, enjoyable, and just downright creepy.

Not any horrifying scenes in terms of scare factor, but many "dark" scenes, and all entertaining. It may be intended to scare but I didn't feel fright, instead of a morbid sense of intrigue. Whatever this novel makes you feel, I would recommend it to all horror fans around.

When in the mood for an imaginative roll in the hay, read Neverland. A gripping, tightly woven, emotional masterpiece.

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