Possessions - James A. Moore


(No Series)

Chris Corin has the unshakable feeling that he’s being followed. And he’s right. But he doesn’t know what’s after him, what waits in the shadows. He doesn’t know that what his late mother let him in his will is the source of unconceivable power. Power that something hideous wants something very badly indeed.

By the time Chris realizes what’s happening - and what’s at stake - it may already be too late. Who would believe him? Who could imagine the otherworldly forces that will stop at nothing to possess what Chris has? No, Chris will have to confront the darkness that has crept into his life, threatening his very sanity. And unless he can convince someone that he’s not crazy, he’ll have to confront it alone.

The plot is actually pretty unique. It’s all well planned out and nothing seems illogical or like it was a cheap plot ploy thrown in. I applause Moore for whatever outlining he did and having such a unique story come across so well.

One thing that really worked for this novel were the characters. I liked all of them. Chris Corin was a humorous thinker, protective of loved ones, all around good at heart - but also your typical male. I loved having him as the main character whose shoulders I would ride around on.

His sister, Brittany, came close to unlikable at times but she was also understandable with all she was going through. Katie was a bit too pushy for my tastes but overall she was a good character and person, and it showed. Jerry was my second favorite, up there with Chris. His personality was humorous, he was a riot, and a great buddy any of us would like to have.

The pace was pretty damn quick. Things had time to happen but there was so much that went on it felt like the book was longer than it was. I admire James A. Moores’ style. The man can really write. At first I was thinking he used a bit of a simple hand but as it went on I saw so much talent coming out. Great job.

Possessions, although not a mystery, won’t be something you can foresee. You won’t be able to figure out what’s really behind this mess until you read about it when Moore wants you to - at the end. With gripping suspense, enthralling events, sympathetic characters, an admirable writing style, and almost endless flow of sheer horror (while being fun) - Possessions is not a snack for a starving horror fan to miss!