The Revelation - Bentley Little

(No Series)

The local minister vanishes, his church defiled by blasphemous obscenities scrawled in blood...And one by one, the good folks in town are falling victim to the same unspeakable fate... Now, an itinerant preacher has arrived spreading a gospel of cataclysmic fury. Darkness is falling on Randall, Arizona. The smell of fear lingers in the air. And stranger things are yet to come....

Bentley Little weaves a horrific tale of unspeakable evil in this chilling, mind-number little tale.

Through the point of view of many characters, they all begin to realize that something is definitely not right. From strange occurrences to brutal attacks, it slowly becomes clear that something evil has its' grasp on their little town, and it's up to a select number of citizens to bring the force down before it consumes them all.

Brrrr. That's the perfect word for it. Not many novels are as creepy as Revelation - there were some genuinely frightening parts; Little does not hold back the brutal violence or the blood and gore.

All rang in as realistic. Gordon seemed like a decent man, a great main character to latch on to. His actions weren't stupid and clumsy and his actions believable. Marina was the same and she was someone I enjoyed sympathizing with; she was sweet but also a great sense of humor. Her reactions with fear and loss were also genuine. Jim and Matt, like Gordon, also came across as real people. Everyone helped the story propel along.

The pace is well-planned, never boring, and frantic when it was supposed to be. Bentley Little is always dark with his writing; somehow the scare factor just jumps right out of his work. His style isn't simple, but it's not overly complicated either. His words flow smoothly and his direction is solid.

The bottom line, folks, is that if you haven't read Revelation (Or The House for that matter) you're missing out. Bottom line. If you enjoy sheer fear in an interesting setting, then Revelation is the way to go. From chilling events to tragic finales, Bentley Little has what it takes to reach the top.

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