Samantha - Tamara Thorne

(Sorority Trilogy, #3)

At exclusive, isolated Greenbriar University, within the elite Gamma Eta Pi sorority, is a secret society known as the Fata Morgana. Its members are the most powerful women on campus—and the deadliest. For this is a sisterhood of evil, a centuries-old coven, and every girl who pledges herself to their wicked decadence does so for life…or death… An Initiation Into Terror Tough, tenacious Samantha Penrose knows there's something going on inside the secluded, creepy Gamma Eta Pi mansion -- something that may be connected to the mysteries surrounding Eve Camlan and Merilynn Morris. And the ambitious journalism major is going to get the story, even if she has to make herself over as the ultimate sorority girl to do it. As a new pledge, Samantha takes every opportunity to explore the hidden, off-limits rooms of the old house, searching for links between mysterious deaths on campus and the Fata Morgana. But the secrets she uncovers are more than scandalous... they're downright sinister. There's the disturbing way Malory seems to watch Samantha's every move... the strange chanting coming from the forbidden east wing... and the chilling, ghostly messages she can't ignore... desperate warnings to run -- while she still can. 

The Sorority Trilogy focuses on three girls, (Eve, Merilyn, and Samantha) who were friends as children, but have now grown, lost contact, and are about to be reunited at Greenbriar University.

In this second segment, the primary focus is Samantha. The third novel reunites all three friends, everyone shows their cards, all things come to a head, speeding toward the series finale. Thorne’s series is not dark and terrifying, more like comedic and fun fear-fare.

Samantha is a loner with a high intelligence level and strong journalist instinct. Her personality, complimented by valley girl eves and mysterious Merilynn’s, is an interesting twist to the plots development. Brittany’s personality takes a nose dive as more is revealed about her, and her reactions instigate internal change as certain things “pop up”. Mallory is shown as sketched out even further. Marilynn and Eve are still around, still going strong, although they all evolve and aren’t quite the same at the end.

As with the others, pacing is strong. The ending felt slightly rushed, but not enough to lose brownie points.

Thorne writes with a style heavy on the humor. Her vocabulary is simple, with the sentences easy to comprehend. As a result, the series would be well suited for people of all ages.

This final book, Samantha, is the most exciting installment of the series. The conflict has been rising, we’re inside the stronger climax peaks, and thrust into the real heart of the story. Characters are changing as the story progresses and discovering more about themselves; these discoveries enable the plot to continue progressing. The ending was an ironic turnout for the villain(s), and the way the main heroines turned out, particularly Merilynn, left me pleased.

If series are your cup of tea, or witchcraft, or sorority stories, give Tamara Thorne’s trilogy a try ­ it’s a fun, cozy little adventure that will leave you chuckling and cringing at the same time.

Note: I was fortunate enough to meet Tamara and speak with her in a scheduled chat at horror-web. As a result of this chat I was the winner of the series, and Tamara mailed out the books with autographs and personal messages in EACH. She was also kind enough to enclose three bookmarks, as well answer any personal email I sent her. Definitely a fine lady here (and her sense of humor in life is just as strong as in the books!)

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