Wither's Legacy - J.G. Passarella

(Wendy Ward, #3)
Urban Fantasy, Horror

She came to life on Halloween. She cast a wicked spell upon the residents of Windale, Massachusetts. And then she was destroyed...but Elizabeth Wither, the leader of an ill-fated coven of witches, still haunts the one human powerful enough to dispel her ancient curse: the supernaturally gifted Wendy Ward. Hers was the name on the dying Wither's lips -- the time will come. And now that Windale's "little witch girl" is all grown up she, along with her friends Kayla, Abby, and Hannah, must face a demon like none the world's ever known -- an unseen evil that bides its time. A yellow-eyed, seven-foot beast whose blind allegiance to Wither fuels its hunger -- captive to the urge to find its special prey.... - Amazon

They say three times a charm – in this case every book in this trilogy has been a charm… a witch’s charm that is.

Wither’s Legacy packs as much punch as its predecessors, keeping the pace strong and lightning fast, with emotional whollops powerful enough to knock a reader to their knees. The characters that have been developed over the last two novels are back, still likeable, realistic, and strong. Again I was biting the ends of my knuckles hoping for their survival, something I’ve done twice already. And you know what? It never gets old. I hated hearing this would be the final book of the Wither series, as sitting here with my heart racing while I follow the lives of these individuals has become addictive.

The plot isn’t another possession gig; instead we have a delightfully vicious, creepy as all hell snow -like monster that would put a werewolf to shame. And stacked on to that good, gory fun, we have the possibility of Wither herself being out there somewhere, or the blood that Kayla consumed coming back full force to grip her by the throat and turn her into something she’d rather not become. Up the stakes even more with more evolvements in all the major characters lives, and you have one potent spell that knocked me silly.

So, so far we have pacing (check), plot (check), and characters as good as before (check). The ending, like the second book, surprised me and left me sad for a spell. The beginning started off right when it should have, and the middle was filled to the brim with all sorts of bad karma.

If there’s some weakness in this somewhere, I can’t find it. Much as the same as the first two, this one works. Strangely enough the second book, and now the third, are better than the original. Not an easy feat to pull off but Passarella, with a clear and cozy writing style, succeeds quite well.

Add it to the collection now! If you don’t, you’ll never know what you’ve missed, and ignorance isn’t always bliss. Don’t let your reading cycle be cursed; this series breathes more life into some of the stale, watered down horror stories circling the stores.

Wither's Legacy: A Wendy Ward Novel (Wendy Ward Novels)

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