I thought this was interesting. Taken from My Middle Name is Patience:

Word of the Day: Abibliophobia (noun) Pronunciation:[ê-bi-bli-ê-'fo-bee-yê]
Definition: The morbid fear of running out of reading material.
Usage: It is quite interesting that this word has popped up on the Web, the greatest source of reading material the world has ever known. Irony will never cease. Were there such a phobia, those subject to it would be abibliophobes, who would be abibliophobic. They would comport themselves abibliophobically, whatever that might mean. Suggested Usage: Words on –phobia originally referred to psychotic conditions but now we have extracted a word, "phobia," from the suffix and add it wherever we please: "Wylie is such an abibliophobe that he never leaves the house without several magazines under his arm." In a world where this word could refer to a psychotic state, we could say, "What better refuge from abibliophobia than the library?"
Etymology: Today's was probably a nonce word created for amusement more than linguistic use. However, it is constructed better than most nonce words and has survived and is flourishing in Cyberia. Greek a "not" + bibli-(on) "book" + o, a connector + phob(os) "fear" + ia, a nominal suffix. "Biblion" referred to a small book or scroll or section of a larger work, a biblos. The plural of "biblion" is "biblia," whence "Bible" from the Late Latin biblia sacra "sacred writings." —Dr. Language, www.yourDictionary.com


Stephanie said...

Great post!! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award!! Check it out!

ErinPaperbackstash said...

Yeeeee thank you!!

Jill said...

Abiblophobia, eh? I've always called it "book panic" - it makes me pack at least 2 more books than I could ever possibly read in the time I have - just in case! (And there has to be a correlated Murphy's law that goes something like, if you have an interesting book to read, you never have to wait as long, but if you don't have a book - or it's a boring one - then you're bound to have a long wait ahead of you!)

Literary Feline said...

Is this the reason my TBR collection is so huge? Do you think anyone will buy that excuse? :-)

ErinPaperbackstash said...

Darla, I'm guilty of the same over packing, and that Murphy's Law rule rings true for me too.

Literary Feline: Whatever excuse works for us...:)