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It's that time again!

What with yesterday being the Fourth of July and all, I’m feeling a little patriotic, and so have a simple question:

What, in your opinion, is the (mythical) Great American Novel? At least to date. A “classic,” or a current one–either would be fine. Mark Twain? J.D. Salinger? F. Scott Fitzgerald? Stephen King? Laura Ingalls Wilder?

It doesn’t have to be your favorite book, mind you. “Citizen Kane” may be the “best” film, and I concede its merits, but it’s not my favorite. You don’t have to love something to know that it’s good.

Now, I know that not all of you are American–but you can play, too! What I want from you is to know what you consider to the best novel of YOUR country. It might be someone the rest of us haven’t heard of and, frankly, I think we’d all like to get some new authors to read.

In fact, while we’re at it–I’m curious about the geographical make-up of this meme. So, while you’re leaving your link to your post, tell us where in the world you are! (For the record, I’m in New Jersey, USA.)

And to think I was so excited for this week's question until now

No, seriously, I can't answer this question. I have read countless books and not enough classics. I rather like the answer here
at Syaffolee's site.

Hope this doesn't seem like a cop-out --- It's not the fault of "Booking Through Thursdays" that I really have no imagination!


--Deb said...

I know, it's a tough question!

Stephanie said...

It's really a question with no right answers. My idea of great and yours could be two completely different things!

Happy Thursday!! As you can see, I'm still not reading. Just blog hopping!

Plain Jane said...

I read the question and hundreds of book titles came to mind but, like you, I don't read many classics. There was something about them being assigned as school work that ruined the term "classic" for me {g}.. On the other hand, I enjoy science fiction, mysteries, adventures & historicals (not the bodice ripping "hystericals" as my Dad used to call them). I chickened out and picked Hawaii because, as long as it is, I've read it at least three times since high school.

Shelly said...

Hmmmm, I think I would have to say To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I think that is one of the best books ever written with an excellent message.