Bookshelf Blues

Finally - after much begging, pleading, and offering of future riches and fortunes - I got my guy to build me a bookshelf. It only took 6 months, so I really shouldn't complain, I know.

Off to Home Depot, the land of the doomed, we went. I really hate that place. For some reason when I'm there more than five minutes I start feeling blah, bored, lazy, and get taxed with a minor headache. It always takes a painfully long time to find anything. Almost all the wood was in bad condition. And why does it take so damn long to find a box of screws? Is it really that complicated? Guys can look at screws for hours and not get bored. I'm another story. Before Home Depot - I shouldn't jump ahead of myself (already have, nevermind) - it took forever to measure the wall space where the bookshelf would go. We even wrote down the measurements - sounds professional right? Riiiight.

Finally with wood and $60.00 later (*sniff, sniff*), off we go to the shop for construction. I innocently believe it will take 30 min, maybe an hour, but am replied to with a laugh that it will be a COUPLE of hours. Groans, a couple??

The boss arrives later in the day to see us at the shop and laughs about me getting him to build me a bookshelf. Gotta love the boss.

Finally the thing is constructed, but it won't fit in the car. That's right, it won't fit in the car. Grrrr. We have to tie a big wood bookshelf (one 13" shelf, two 12" shelves, and 6 shelves for paperbacks) on the top of a small 98 Pontiac Sunfire sports car roof with 4 bunjie cords. Yep, that was a fun ride home. People wisely stayed far, far away.

As soon as I walk into the room, I see and finally he agrees (wouldn't before!) that all the books I have won't fit on the freaking thing. I TOLD HIM. But noooo, I don't know my own books right? Sadly I have plenty of books still laying on the floor beside the bookshelf. He's like, well it wont fit the paperbacks for sure but we will at least get the hardcovers in there. Does this happen either? Nooooo again.

As for the bookshelf itself, it's beautiful. I had thought of a separate bookcase for the hardbacks and one for the paperbacks, but his idea worked out better. On the top are six 6.5" shelves for the paperbacks, and the above mentioned sizes for the bottom. It almost looks like a book china hutch, much better than the standard book housing. So, yes, I am pleased with what I have, but dread going through it again!

He's like well, another bookshelf just like this one will match - that would be nice! - and it will certainly cover the remaining books with plenty of room to grow. But as I sit and stare at the remaining books, I don't think so yet again. This time I will line them up and know in advance. I fear we'll just have to have another bookcase for paperbacks and one for hardbacks to finish off the collection. They just won't fit again with room to grow. Sigh, oh well, books are fun even if they take up too much room :)

What about everyone else? How many bookshelves do you have?