Cute Random Things for Booklovers

$24 isn't too bad, too bad if you don't like Tom Sawyer and War and Peace though. I suppose they would serve as cute conversational pieces, or perhaps the perfect pillow for that rocker in the personal library. That is, if anyone's back can stand rocking chairs anymore. I know mine can't! Love the look of the things sadly but functionality is a no-no for this girl.

Need a beautiful, if not slightly pricey, table made of books?

I suppose if you wanted to get morbid, get this Edgar Allan Poe pillow from Amazon.

Want more books but itching for someone else to buy them for you? Too shamefaced to mooch directly? Be subtle with a shirt


Shelly said...

HA! I love that shirt! That is so me.

And I actually really like that table. But I can but quite a few books for 125 plus shipping!

KHB said...

I'm loving those pillows. Can't seem to get the shirt link to open, though - maybe Cafepress is having some problems.

In fact, I'm loving your whole blog! Thanks for stopping by so that I could follow you back and find your great site. :)

Kate (Book Dragon)

Stephanie said...

I'm totally digging on those pillows!! My husband needs to get me one!

kookie said...

Must. Have. That. Pillow. *alerting husband to possible birthday present right now* ;)

ErinPaperbackstash said...

I think the winner is the pillow, folks! Hope you all get one =) I'm curious what the other styles look like, wish they'd show a picture.