Darling Jenny: Wyoming - Janet Dailey

Darling Jenny

(Americana Series)


Jenny has naively succumbed to one man's charms - and had been bitterly dissapointed. Then, seeking refuge with her sister, Shiela, in Wyoming's ski country, she ran from one disastrous situation to another!

Determined to protect her sister from a similar fate, Jenny tried to wrest Sheila from the clutches of wealthy, dangerously attractive Logan Taylor - only to fall in love with him herself.

But Logan was not a man to be defied. He kept saying, "In the end, Jenny Glen, you will yield...."

I really want - no, need - to get more Harlequin presents again. I used to have at least a hundred of the things but now I have - sitting down? - two. Yes, TWO. How miserable. I've been browsing ebay for some deals. Anyway, I picked one of the two and plowed into it last night. It brought back memories of why I love these short books so. Sure, it's older, but it's from Janet Dailey, who I've always enjoyed.

Not hot and steamy in the least, it's a wonderfully romantic book that kept me tuned in until the last page. Sadly this meant staying up until 1:30 in the morning on a work night. The heroine was a bit too bitchy most of the time but she was still likable enough. It's understandable she was to have a chip on her shoulder, but the motivation for this could have been more dramatic. Having one man be that way isn't the end of the world, except to her apparently. How she treated Logan much of the time was fun to read but not entirely easy to emphasize with. What I could understand was when she fell in love with him and realized it, but thought he was looking elsewhere, and then kept up the bitchy persona. Trust me, I can be a man's worst nightmare in those situations as well.

I really loved the 'hero' of the book, from this dominating attitude, to his temper, to his tenderness. I can't blame Jennifer for falling in love with him. The side romance angle between the sister and Dirk was also sweet. As an older Presents, there's no sex, but you'll just have to let the imagination kick in. I'm grateful Dailey didn't spend paragraphs throughout the story focusing on the sheer, unrealistic beauty of everyone. (A pet peeve).

Editing must not have been done well, as I found at least 8 spelling errors and it did irritate me there was little seperation when the story shifted. As an example, she would be talking about having lunch with Brad, then the next paragraph would turn out being the next day. No line seperating it, no symbol, nada. It grew confusing. I had planned to find the exact section in the book where the editing was the worst, but I can't locate it now. It had three of the same lines written in a row, joined with the wrong lines! Oh well,

A very feel-good story that isn't mushy and the characters aren't eye-roll inducing. (Thank God) The scene with the two in the kitchen toward the end - hot stuff in an innocent way. As always Daily writes well and to the point, devoid of annoying padding. If you see this one around, do yourself a favor and pick it up.