A depressing thing

I know we're all used to seeing those advertising inserts in hundreds - if not thousands - of romance novels advertising the book club for zebra publishing and Kensington books. Sadly the club is closing this month after nearly two decades. Here's the message from the official website.

On a kind of related note, I was always curious about the two free gifts you're supposed to get for joining a Harlequin book club. Anyone ever do it and know? I'm a member of three Dorchester clubs but no free gifts - just great books and great deals :)


Afraid of the Dark said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog.
Regarding the book you commented on (Mommy Why Don't We Celebrate Halloween), I bought mine used, but I believe Amazon has some copies for about 4 dollars.

Shelly said...

The stuff that I got for free from Harlequin was always crappy. Free drinking glasses with some logo on it. Coasters were another gift at some point. I think I got shot glasses somewhere along the way too.

ErinPaperbackstash said...

Yeah I figured on crappy gifts lol. I was just curious. I remember as a kid I got some sort of book tote bag but I can't remember where.

J.C., thanks for the link. It looks amusing.