July Reading Recap

The list of books I've read in July:

My Sweet Audrina (Reread)
When the bough breaks - Jonathan Kellerman (Reread)
Songs of Innocence - Richard Aleas
Son of Rosemary - Ira Levin (Reread)
Sea Fires - Christine Dorsey (Reread)
Darling Jenny - Janet Dailey

Total Count - 6
Dominant Genre - Toss-up with mystery and romance
New Authors - 2
Re-Reads - 4

I've read 1/2 of three books, so not including those yet. I'm trying to revisit some older books so this month was busy with re-reads. I read often in the last two weeks, but not the first. Overall a decent month for reading.


Unknown said...

Do you read Stuart Woods? I have several of his books in my stockpile to read. I only ask as I see you read Kellerman who I haven't read but would like to read one day.


Shelly said...

I like to through in re-reads now and then. Especially if I find my mind wandering when I'm reading -- just because I'm bored. I re-read because I know I'll like it and then maybe that will kick me back into reading happily again.

ErinPaperbackstash said...

I did read a book by Stuart Woods at one point, it had a tightening rope on the cover. Sorry, but I can't remember the title. It was a pretty good book but he and Kellerman write completely different. You should try Kellerman sometime, he's good.

Shelly, I know, I usually don't re-read this much, I guess it's a phase. =)

lady t said...

Wow,My Sweet Audrina,that takes me back! I had a big V.C. Andrews jones back in the day(still sort of confused about when the books with her name on them stopped being written by her). I wonder if any of the folks who wrote Passions got a few ideas from V.C?:)

Tia Nevitt said...

That is a decent month for reading! You put me to shame . . . but I don't claim to be a fast reader.

Your site is pure eye candy. I linked to you at Fantasy Debut.

Alice said...

That's a neat list there, Erin. I have a few books on my re-read list but haven't got around to them. Now busy clearing my new TBR. LOL.

I have my July list too.