Rockin' Book Blogger!

I've been nominated! :)

According to Stephanie at Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-A-Holic, I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger! I see nearly everyone else nominated, and am honored to be part of the group now. The only hard part is that I have to nominate four other bloggers. The ones I would have nominated without a second thought, Stephanie ironically, and Shelly at Bewitched by Books, have just been nominated, so I suppose they're out for this round.

My first vote is Book Dragon. I don't think she's been nominated, at least not where I can find by searching. She's extremely enthusiastic with her blog and it's a great one! A variety of book lover posts and so friendly and helpful with me when I started the Paperback Stash.

I could be wrong here, too, but I don't think Books.Lists.Life. has been nominated yet. What a terrific blog layout! The word that come to mind is cozy. Excellent reviews and book-related stuff, Lisa's very friendly, make sure you stop by!

Not enough Books
is a great blog that has an obvious love for all that is books. Good reviews and occasional give aways!

And finally, Me and My Books is another fun filled page for any bibliophile to haunt. I frequent it whenever I can to find insightful posts expressing an obvious love for reading materials.

Hopefully I didn't accidentally nominate anyone twice, but it's tough in this day and age. Happy blogging awards girls, you deserve it!