Fear Street: The Stepsister by R.L. Stine

(Fear Street, #9)

Fear Street -- Where Your Worst Nightmares Live... 

Emily wants to like her stepsister, but it hasn't been easy. As soon as Jessie moves in, she takes over Emily's room, steals Emily's clothes, and lies to everyone. Then Emily picks up Jessie's diary and learns a horrifying secret. Is Jessie really capable of murder?

Emily tries to tell her parents, but no one believes her.

So it's up to Emily to expose the real Jessie -- if she can stay alive.

Wanting to revisit memory lane and enjoy those teen horror tales all over again, I was ecstatic to nab some of these babies on E-bay recently. I remember reading this one because of the cover, but every single aspect of the story alluded me. As I age, I seem to forget more and more. It was great fun to re-read stuff that meant so much to me then, and is a quickie that even an adult wanting a leisurely read can enjoy. I'm itching for my son to grow up a bit more and enjoy these as much as I did.

Character wise, we have nothing too complex as it's a fear street young adult, and it is cursed with the usual melodrama teenage angst. Still, the characterization is strong enough for this type of book, I really grew to love the little boy and get pissed at the mother as I should. Surprisingly the mystery is a relatively good one. Ok, Ok, I DID guess the culprit halfway through, but only because that person was the least likely suspect.

From beginning to end the story moves fast, with scene after scene was "horror" (Dare I say that?) Nothing too suspenseful or creepy, great for the young adult reader to cuddle up with for good times. It's not as good as some of his other stories, though, so this one earned the partner of three stars. Just didn't stand out enough, the motive and culprit wasn't surprising, and some of the drama DID begin to wear on my nerves (although I kept telling myself patience was needed because of the age level.)

Stine's a great writer and it's hard to believe he can come up with some many different stories. You would think after awhile the man would start repeating himself, but he doesn't. I would empty my meager savings for that sort of imagination.

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