General Sept. Banter and 'This Month in Review'

No, it's not near Christmas yet, but my bizarre sense of humor waits for no one.

Next week, Sept 29th to October 6th, is the U.S. Banned Book Week. Be sure to read a banned book and make your voice heard. Or, well, rather to give yourself a personal glowing sense of self-satisfaction. If I can get out of this lazy phase, I may do something for it here on the site.

This last week hasn't been the most active of weeks in terms of reading, although I did receive my copy of Christine Dorsey's 'The Renegade and the Rose' yesterday. Eager to read it, I did, in one night and stayed up too late (again). Maybe I should have named this blog something akin to "Insomnia readers, inc." or something.

I finally did dredge through Kill No, Pay Later, last month's Hard Case Crime edition as well. I just couldn't get into it like usual. Reviews for both coming up shortly.

I hope.

Also received the newest hard case crime and horror package from Dorchester. Edward Lee's House Infernal especially excites me as I completely dig his twisted, warped, and sexually adolescent sense of humor and style. Al Sarrantonio once again spills over into Halloween type stories, this time with Halloweenland. Making it just in time for the October reading to bring in the season. As for the Hard Case, I got Slide by Ken Bruen. I'm not sure yet if I love the cover or loathe it, it's one of those bizarre relationships. Eagerly (well, hopefully) awaiting this months delivery of Paranormal Lovespell romance. Frankly the last few months haven't excited me that much. I *think* I'll get Phoenix Unrisen and Lord of the Fading Lands, but I can never guess right.

I would love to give the usual monthly recap but I can't remember anything. I didn't write the books down and haven't reviewed them as I read them, and stupidly cleared my to-be-reviewed stack from the desk in the pretense of cleaning. Yes, the rest of the desk is still messy, but the stack I need now has at least been cleaned up, dagnabit!

I do remember reading a lot though. I think.


ImCrazy4Drew said...

You always read a lot! :)

C.L. Wilson said...

Hi Erin,

If you do get a copy of LORD OF THE FADING LANDS, I hope you'll enjoy it!!

All the best
C.L. Wilson