More Book Lover Presents!

This is too adorable! I've often thought of a book orientated tote since I'm always carrying them around. They end up in all my friends houses and my car. I especially like the cat with this image. For a themed tote, 18.00 isn't bad. It can be had here.

Not too bad in price, this is perfect for those looking to read in style, and a necessity for readers with a bad back (yours truly) who can never get comfortable. Truthfully I've never found relief with back massaging chair types, but this may be different. Even if not, the storage area for books and magazines and a drink while allowing a straight sit seem promising. 49.99 isn't too bad for this type either, even if the cheapie in me wishes for ever shorter change. comes through with this luxury item.

Again from Amazon, this great poet cup is too cute to behold. 8.95 is around the average price for novelty cups, so I can't gripe there.

I see Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare, but can't place the other woman. Anyone have ideas??

There is also one for famous women writers.

A fun book of the day and advice recommendation for the book lover who has everything else. Currently out of stock, let's hope they get more in! Price is 11.95 for those itching for one themselves.

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Alice said...

Some interesting items you feature here. Love the tote and mugs... The chair looks comfy too.