New Theme!

Trying in vain to learn CSS to do some experimenting, here's a theme I came up with. And yes, it was a pain in the ass to build. I've figured everything out except how to switch themes - grrrr. I found tutorials but they're not cooperating. When that's finally up, you'll have the option to see the original page layout as well as a choice to this one. Even though a pain, now that I have the basic down pat, making themes turned out fun! Expect (I think) to see more.

I don't have it fixed to where it contracts to page size yet, and also it looks terrible in Internet Explorer 5.0. That's an ooooold version, so hopefully everything has updated from that already long ago, right? Right? If something doesn't seem to be working right for you, I'd appreciate a note of it and details. I may beat my head against the wall first, sure, but a note of it would still be appreciated following possible concussion.

I have a stackload of books ready to be reviewed, which I suppose I need to get to now that I've distracted myself from the design. It's been hectic with stuff lately; work has been so slow and my hours have been cut dramatically, I need to start looking for another job I suppose. My father had a stroke last week so most of that time was spent in the hospital. He has basically fully recovered, thank God!, but it's scary as they said he had three mini ones, and he's only 55. In other words, life has interfered and I'm sorry for all delays.