2007 Yearly Review / Website Recap

Just in the mood to recap the growth of the blog, pleased I've reached the amount of reviews I have. I hope in the new year to review more per month than I did last year, although I suspect life will interfere from time to time. Yes, you can see the number of reviews for each genre by the buttons on the sides, but I felt it was easier to keep track here.

When I started this blog I already had a large amount of horror reviews from other places that shut down to send over here, so obviously there is a large bulk of those so far.

Horror - 91. A variety of different books I consider horror, including the Anita Blake series (some of it), which of course is considered more erotic now of days. But the earlier ones were definitely horror in my mind. It's worth noting some authors will appear in different categories. For instance, Koontz writes some that are straight horror, and some that are straight suspense.

Suspense - 12. I'm surprised there are only 12 here. It seems most of the books on my TBR pile are actually suspense I haven't gotten to.

Mystery - 22. I love a good mystery, and I suspect this area to keep growing to stay one of the largest on the site.

Romance - 13. For general romance lately I haven't read many. I used to read by the dozens but those were in the days I didn't keep this blog. I'm more picky with romance books in general as I find more of them that aren't good compared to other genres, yet of course there are books there I love, too. I usually need to be in a certain mood. I have a lot to read in my TBR pile, but they are older and not newer fiction. With the horror, paranormal romance, and hard case crime I get the new books from Leisure, but I don't belong to a new romance group and this may explain why I generally don't do the newest romance books.
Paranormal Romance - 13. I read more of these than romance, but again with the stinker rating. It takes the right book to do the right thing in the genre.

Drama - 3. 3? 3! So sad :(

Herbals/Natural Health - 25. I love herbals that are actually good (harder to find). I haven't read many of these for awhile but need to start. It's hard to find many websites reviewing these. I have no ambition to buy many news ones but need to review some of the ones I have sitting around.

Beauty/Fitness - 3. I don't have as many of these and so won't review too many, but these are rarely reviewed either while they should be. I enjoy a good beauty advice like the next gal.

Biographies - 1. For shame. It's a goal of mine to start reading a great number of these. I'm starting with celebrities. I have some lined up and should be reading them within the next 2 months and posting the reviews. This is an area I want the site to grow, but will take longer I'm afraid.

Writing Craft - 2. I used to have some writing books (and still have some left to review). Right now the ones I have (one post has a few in one) are short and not too good in the sense of review, which I need to remedy in the near-future. I don't plan for this to be a larger area of the site, but still would like to have an offering for those interested in it.

Comics/Graphic Novels - 3. It won't be a larger area but I do wish to get more into graphic novels. I have about 5 now I need to review for the site. Sure, they are vastly different from books in some ways, but I still find well-done ones a worthy contribution to the art of reading.

Fantasy - 1. Ah, my weakness. Sadly you won't see many fantasy books unless I get into the genre. It's never drawn me in. I tried a few by Barker but couldn't get into them. Same with sci-fi. Tanya Huff's blood series is listed as fantasy, but when I review them I will put them in horror and para-romance, as there's nothing "fantasy" about them to me. I want to try the genres out more and get into them somehow, any good recommendations on things not too far out there and where to start?

Gothic - 7. I didn't read many of these before but found myself loving what I have. I hope to find more of this genre, although it's an older one.

Young Adult - 12. These are mainly horrorish because I'm a big fan of Pike and Stine from youth, but I also loved Judy Blume. This one shouldn't grow too big although it will to a point because of the number of Pike and Stine books I plan to review. They're also so quick to read. Some of the girlish type books I loved before seem to young for me to bother with now, to my grief donno

New total so far - 208. Woohoo!! dance

Plans for the new year are that I'm finally going to be offering those contests I keep thinking about once finances allow it. Should be fun, keep watching. I also wanted to do something with authors, although I'm not too sure yet on what. I'm sure random ideas will pop up now and then.