Damien: Omen II by Joseph Howard

(Omen, #2)

The story takes place seven years later in which Damien the Antichrist is now thirteen years old, and totally in the dark about his diabolic heritage and destiny. He now lives with his uncle, who runs Thorn Industries, his second wife Ann, and his cousin Mark. As usual, anybody who steps in Damien's way to his destiny or knows his true nature is promptly knocked off in ingenious and gruesome ways. While a huge black mastiff lingers around Damien in the first movie/novel, now a monstrous raven hovers ominously nearby.

This is an older book penned in the late 70's. I've always been a rabid fan of the Omen trilogy (I leave out the abominable fourth), and have over the years located the original movie-to-book adaption. When I saw this one I also had to have it to follow continuance in book form. Interestingly this book had advertisements for cigarettes in the center, which I haven't even seen before in books older than it.

Anyway, if you're familiar with the movie, you already know the book's story, for of course it closely follows the film's form, almost word-for-word. Damien is almost thirteen and about to come of age to where he inherits the bulk of his power and the realization of what he is. He has .. accomplices along the way to guide him to the right realization and protection, as in the first movie/book. There are some minor inclusions in written form where the movie didn't have , such as the two minions getting a mark they've been waiting for, and more explanation on the aunt turning bad toward the end. With the movie I always figured she was basically on Damien's side all along and hiding it, but with the book it wasn't that way. Hmmm not sure if it was supposed to be like that with the movie too or not.

I wish they could have included more...I mean, there's a wealth of scenarios out there, and the book is a bit short, but I suppose they try to follow the film as much as possible.

As an adaption from a movie, it's good if you're a fan. Amazon describes the authors as : by Joseph Howard (Adapter), Stanley Mann (Author), Michael Hodges (Author), Harvey Bernhard (Author). The writing is easy to follow and addictive to read, while the story is as interesting as the movie's was. Sadly we can't include the great Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack here though, *sighs*


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