The Five-Minute Hair Stylist by Christine Moodie

(No Series)
Nonfiction / Beauty

Combine the success of the "five-minute" format with the enormous popularity of Beautiful Braids and the result is this appealing collection of 30 simple, pretty, and sophisticated hairstyles that any woman can create with ease and confidence. 125 full-color photographs.

On the prowl for hair up-do books after browsing an incredible one at Books-A-Million that I couldn't afford, I snapped this one up through Paperbackswap, thinking I could get some tips. I love doing up-dos with long hair, but sadly this book wasn't much help. A short review for a short book follows.

Yes, we do see how to french braid through illustrations - and make a french twist - but anything beyond this is relatively simple. Too simple. The first real picture shows a woman with a half up-do, that just involves twisting the sides once before meeting in the middle with a barrette. I would think anyone would be able to figure this one out? The Quick Quiff is cute, if not worn well by many women in this day and age (it's aged) unless they have the right face shape only (I couldn't wear it and not look sickly). Other ridiculously simple directions include 2 braids just tied together (and on a child, this should tell you something), a simple braid, simple chignon, and just tying your hair back with a bow.

Styles such as the Braided Chignon, another nifty braid variation, and French Roll variation would almost make this book worth it for a cheap price, but it's further killed when presenting hair dos that are just bob cuts for shorter hair. These are NOT updos, they are hairstyles to be cut and kept that way daily. Basically the book is more of a waste of time, save a few decent hair up-dos we need instructions for. More worth seeking out if getting it free.