Redefining Beauty by Victoria Jackson

(No Series)
  Nonfiction / Beauty

The creator and star of the most successful infomercial series in video marketing history, and CEO of her own multi-million-dollar cosmetics company, presents her unique less-is-more makeup, featuring real-life stories, illustrated with full-color before-and-after photos.

The primary message in Redefining Beauty (written in the 90's) is that only beauty can be found by appreciating yourself and your unique appeal. A positive (if overly heard message), which is good to hear repeatably until it's finally taken to heart. Carole Jackson covers some fundamental basics such as being appreciative of who you are as a person and loving yourself first and foremost. Really - up until page 30 - the chapters go over this simple but often forgotten point in various ways. I admit skimming through most of this, as I do believe this message and have already taken it to heart.

Chapter six ends the motivational ego-boosting session, briefly covering nutrition, taking care of yourself, and preparing your face for makeup. Part 3 finally starts the actual makeup stuff, which is Victoria Jackson's version of a 'no makeup' look. The models chosen are ordinary women of all ages and colors, showing effects achieved after 2 minutes, then 5, then 10. Before and after pictures are granted. Each segment is short and to the point, mentioning which 'problem areas' the women wanted addressed with their face, highlighting their more appealing traits. This segment is semi-short and kind of basic, but always useful to look through. It's interesting to see a different assortment of women and how different they can look with various methods applied. I'm more of a visual gal myself, so pictures - pictures - pictures, please!

Chapter 8 is two pages on tools. We get by now tools are important, but I suppose no self-respecting beauty book would be complete without touching upon this simple fact. Nine delves into foundation....the introduction is basic and to the point. No learning about indepth-foundation stuff and what's in it, etc., here. This could be a blessing to the reader tired of hearing it and with an impatient attention span, or a bane to those who wish to see the scientific urgings for various textures versus various skin types. Pictures are presented on models showing them in the 'wrong' color and then the 'right color'. Tips are provided for finding the right shade to match your skin. Step by step instructions are covered on how to apply, and how to avoid applying too much. Really this is a useful chapter for a newbie to makeup, as I'm sure it covers everything you really need to know on starting out with my skin's life-saver.

The second chapters delve into the eye area. Eyebrows shows how to pluck and tweeze, illustrating the horrendous mistakes that can happen, even eyebrow makeup. Eyes is of course fun...she chooses different models with different eye shapes and problems like deep set eyes with (pictures) and instructions on the proper emphasis. Wrong makeup shade versus right is compared. Blush follows in much the same way, as does lips and unique features. Part four is a mentioning of women clients she's had and her admiration for them, how looking their personal best in a bare-minimum way has drastically improved their life.

Overall a book ideal for beginners not wanting much muss and fuss in their routine, yet the book could have been shortened and had the same effect. Worth a read but not necessarily a hunt, it takes almost no time at all to read.