Book Lover's Gifts (Part 4)

Well, it seems like eons since I've last done this kind of recommendation. About a year actually, I've been so sluggish with all postings here because of annoying real-life stuff (Don't you just hate all that?) Without further ado, I present to you more unnecessary but fun, guilty pleasures for that bookworm addiction most of us have going on.

1. Book Lover's Gift Box Set -

From Amazon, includes a decorative floral box, gold framed magnet, bookmark, playing cards, Box Set of 10 assorted textured cards and envelopes, and a Set of 12 Assorted Adhesive Bookplates. 25 bucks shows this is pure luxury item for decoration.
Banned Books Bracelets -

One for adults for 18.00 and one for kids at half the price, they also have an adult sized kids theme bracelet available for 18. A unique way to make a statement against the banning of books.

Book Clock
What could be neater than this to put on a desk? 32
is a bit much for a clock but if you're looking to make a statement or add that last finishing touch on your library...
In My Books Greeting Cards/Bookmarks in one
Delightful greeting cards which come with tear out bookmarks, all stylish and a clever idea with recycling. A unique idea that's a good one.

Deluxe Librarian Action Figure Kit

Okay, so this even beats out the previous posts Librarian action figure. This too cute set is actually very thrifty as well, selling for a mere 15.00. Press the button on her back for the infamous “amazing shushing action!” Illustrated window box.

Well Read Life Annotation Kit
Rather than summarize all these goodies, I'll just copy and paste from the website, making my life easier:
Whether you're a Footprint Leaver who writes in your books or a Preservationist who never makes a mark, our Well-Read Life Book Annotation Kit has the tools for carrying on a lively conversation with your books. Included are 50 transparent self-adhesive note sheets, 300 removable marginalia flags, 50 write-on bookmarks, 3 colored drylighters, a cedar pencil and a clip-on holder for two pens. All fit in a charming storage box of heavy-duty paper. As our CEO Steve Leveen says, "The more you bring to a book, the more you can take from it." Read more of his wisdom for getting the most from your reading in The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life.

Born to Read Infant Cap -

Who can resist adorable baby apparel, especially not that reading is included?

Here are some adorable reading T-Shirts, including What Happens in the Library Stays in the Library (have to love that saying), and "Read Irresponsibly" at the Unshelved Store

Another adorable T-Shirt at another website with the words "Book Diva"...this sure fits me

A Life Well read - if you're wanting to catalog the books read in a physical way other than a blog, here's your chance - and in a creative way to boot.

From the website:

Combining the intimacy of a diary and the organization of a Rolodex, A Life Well Read is ideal for readers who want to create a personalized record of their book content - wherever and whenever they can find a moment to pursue their passion for reading.

This truly unique product helps readers capture, organize and share their ideas about books, create their own book wish list, remember books they want to give others, and track books on loan to friends.

Of course Monopoly is out there for everyone, us Book lovers shouldn't be excluded. We get Bookopoly for about 25 bucks