Hair: A book of Braiding and Styles - Anne Johnson

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  Nonfiction / Beauty

Strands to catch the eye, woven or laced, to crown the head, and frame the face perfectly describes: HAIR- A Book of Braiding & Style by the folks from KLUTZ. Beautifully photographed braids portrayed in classic and fashionable styles- for teens and beyond! Clear drawings and techniques allow young ladies to create them all. HAIR- A Book of Braiding & Style by KLUTZ also includes 3 Elegant scrunchies, in a floral box and is recommended for ages 10 and up.

The only real "hair style" book I'd actually recommend for longer hair, this book shows an array of creative styles while making other classics easier than ever. It's divided into two sections, one for those already experienced with hair styles, and one for beginners. If you have issues with french-braiding, it's made more clear cut on doing it yourself here. I envy the ability to do the upside-down french braid...directions are clear but this is just something that will take a mountain of practice to eventually turn out right.

With a visually pleasing layout, excellent instructions and clear photos are provided for about thirty-two hairstyles, some simple and some complicated. There are styles to suit medium-lengths and then much longer. Covered are various forms of twists and braids, cornrows, herringbones, ropes, rolls, and buns. Theres also a section on using hair sticks. Whether you're sniffing around for a casual work-updo, a prom formal, or just everyday fun, this book is highly recommended.