Superman: The Never-Ending Battle (Justice League of America)

(No Series)
  Superhero / Fiction

A mysterious super-terrorist has devised a master plan to bring the world to its knees, using the planet's own weather as a weapon against Superman and his teammates in the JLA. But the conflict raises troubling questions for the Man of Steel about authority, justice, powerA and the price of liberty in a world where the enemies of freedom stand on the brink of victory.

Being a Superman fan I ordered this book from the Paperback swap site some time ago. Since I've been going through the Superman novel type reading phase, here we are. As part of a Justice League series, this book may feature Superman as the main title, but really almost every Justice League character gets almost equal time.

Plot-wise, I thought it was pretty good. The villain is the infamous Kobra, who I've never read about before but have heard of, using a person with special abilities to control the weather to a giant degree. Batman is here in his detective glory, termed the World's Greatest Detective, and he seems to have had the most experience with Kobra while the Green Lantern has had more experience with 'The Weather Man'. Superman is thrown somewhere in the midst, leading the Justice League and of course realizing the huge threat and what it could mean. There were plenty of obstacles facing the team as they try to track the cult leader and his merry league of demented men.

I thought that the Lois and Clark scenes were especially well-written and sweet, including an almost ten page dedication to their romance without seeming cloying, instead playful and sincere. There were moments where the cheesiness factor was awkward of course, and I do miss the older Flash type where more sarcastic humor is used and not everything is so high-five. The ending was one of the better parts of the book.

Not perfect but good reading if you're into this sort of thing. Something this book really had going for it was being so filled with movement, where every chapter something crucial and exciting is happening. Not the best of its kind out there but the story isn't too flimsy and the characterization, for the most part, stays true. I can't help it, I really just never liked Wonder Woman, and at times I thought she was overused a bit with her plane and such, and a surprise (that delighted me) was the Green Lanterns role. Batman was great as always and I thought well-stayed to, as was Superman.