Some more nifty book gifts...

Found at the Library Foundation of Los Angelos:

 These adorable bookmarks are available for $5.95 among other items at this great website. I have featured past merchandise from them before, and of course they've updated immensely since then.

Some other great goodies - 

Paying homage to the literary greats, we present the Library Candle Collection. Read The Raven by candlelight, while the scents of cardamom, absinth, and cinnamon fill the air. These candles pair favorite quotes with exquisite fragrances, and come in a book cloth covered box adorned with an attractive foil


Each of the 100 Lit Wit! cards poses several questions and reveals the answers on the back-along with a scoring system that ranks you as 'a casual bookworm, a legitimate bibliophile, or a bona fide lit wit.. What fun for literary families, friends, and book clubs!

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