Top Ten Tuesdays: Pet Peeves

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves

1.  Cliffhangers - these don't belong in books, ever. It's a cheap gimmick.
2.  Rushed endings - either the author ran out of ideas, got tired of it, or were past their deadline. If we read the book, we deserve an ending that makes sense and to savor.
3.  Extreme POV Shuffling - Jumping around too often from character to character is just annoying, takes me out of the plot, makes me want to jump forward to what interested me and skip over the next section, and makes it harder to relate to the characters.
4.  Melodramatic stories and characters, ugh.
5. Boring books that just drag on. The number one sin of writing.
6. When the author keeps putting the characters names in dialogue a ridiculous amount of times. It's unnatural and distracting. "What do you mean Robin?".... "You tell me, Rose." .... " I don't know what you mean, Robin!"...."You do, too, Rose!"
7. Switching suddenly in the book to another viewpoint when the first of the book was in another viewpoint. This is rare but I've been reading and thinking the book was from the POV of one person, living their life, getting into things, when after the middle half it suddenly switches view. What.....?
8.  Too much romance and not enough plot, especially in certain Paranormal romances. We need the story, also, not just endless sex scenes.
9. Sex too early in the book - it's not exciting without reader foreplay and getting time to CARE first, grrr!
10. One-Dimensional Characters - Ugh, give me a heroine with flaws and a villain that's realistic.

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