MM - July 18th

I really need to stop buying books since my TBR is reaching killing proportions. The worst thing is to buy a LOT of books, which is what I did this week. Before picking up my son, fiance and I went into the used bookstore with some time to kill, planning to see if they had Stephen King's Christine - they did! Finally. Again I missed it when looking for it, buy my fiance, bless his eyes, spotted it. I also found a copy of Great Expectations with a enthralling cover for 99 cents, had to pick that one up as it's a classic I've never read.

When I went to the counter I asked if they still had the deals like they used to years back, where they would have the tray of books with the corners of the covers clipped off for $5.00. She told me they had assorted paper lunchbags for 5.00. It was exciting, an array of romances filling up a book - 50 count total - for $5.00 bucks. I didn't pass this old. I'm not the biggest romance fan in the world but some are enjoyable, and I've always held a soft spot for Harlequin Romances. 

Christine by Stephen King
Christine is no lady, but 17-year-old Arnie Cunningham loves her enough to do anything to possess  her.

Arnie's best friend Dennis distrusts her at first sight.

Arnie's teen-queen girlfriend Leigh fears her the moment she senses her power.

Arnie's parents, teachers and enemies soon learn what happens when you cross her.

Christine is no lady. She is Stephen King's ultimate, blackly evil vehicle of horror...

Couldn't find the cover of the one I bought, may scan that one in later for the review.
Great Expectations tells the story of Pip, a young orphan who lives with his older sister and her husband Joe. Pip visits his parents’ graves on Christmas Eve night, when he comes face to face with a convicted criminal named Magwitch. Magwitch is on the run and persuades Pip to help him to escape.

Pip also has an encounter with the spinster, Miss Havisham. Havisham is a wealthy woman, who was tragically jilted at the alter, something she has never managed to overcome. Pip falls madly in love with Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter, Estella.
Pip is suddenly propelled into a new world when he is left a large amount of money by an anonymous benefactor. But, he soon learns that money is not all it’s cracked up to be.

I'll be realistic here and not list all the romance novels and their synopsis since there's 50 of them.

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