Why I Love Wednesdays: July 27th

Why I love Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by the fun blog, Reflections of a Bookaholic. It's a mid-week meme focusing on something loved about books or bookish. I do a lot of memes already that are general questions, but some of these themes and prompts are a bit different so thought it looked fun!

Favorite Childhood Friend

Why I love...Judy Blume!

I've always loved reading, and I like to think that for my age group back then, it was pretty broad.  I truly dug VC Andrews at the time, sampled some Stephen King in the fifth grade and beyond, kept sneaking steamy romances to satisfy curiosity before Junior High began. But I also dug books written for my age group. One of the mains of the main was Judy Blume. 

The woman was - and still seems to be - truly awesome. Her books touched on a wide variety of topics that spoke to me, using believable characters easy to emphasize with. 

I wasn't as beautiful as Deenie, but we all know that at that age we fear abnormalities and appearance alterations like that so much. I realize now - and it even spoke to me then - on how unbalanced a person can become from too much pressure from parents for certain beauty traits and performance deficiencies. Child psychologists today speak much about bulemia and anorexia many times stemming from home pressure.

Tiger Eyes was so powerful to me back then also. My father is alive and well but her father was shot and killed, and it was an important issue in a young adult book as she grieved with something very real that does affect many teenagers (death). Are you there God, it's me, Margaret? was not a religious book, but a book about what many people face growing up - trying to decide where they stand with a belief while their families are split about it. Also it focused highly on the anticipation and jealousies of first training bras and periods.

The lists could go on and on. Books like Blubber, which focused on cycles of unfair bullying on overweight girls, were realistic topics to be discussed. Blumes writing style was simply fun, enjoyable, and interesting, no matter what the important plot/topic was. 

These very real topics that so many deal with it today and always have are some of the main reasons her books even get banned. 

On Goodreads recently, a person wrote in a comment on a Blume book review that she hadn't been allowed by her parents to read her books growing up. EEK! I will never in my life understand this. She didn't write porn or witchcraft, she wrote about real issues so many struggle with today without pulling the punches.