Why I Love Wednesdays: July 6th

Why I love Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by the fun blog, Reflections of a Bookaholic. It's a mid-week meme focusing on something loved about books or bookish. I do a lot of memes already that are general questions, but some of these themes and prompts are a bit different so thought it looked fun!

Favorite Reading Season/Weather

Why I love...Winter and Rainy Nights!

Almost every reader knows the indescribable power and magic of reading during a rainy night. Cozy under a throw blanket on a big plush chair, the soothing sounds of rain and distant grumblings of thunder create an alluring ambiance. Sometimes it's almost like God created rain just for reading on those relaxing nights! Reading outside during the daytime is nothing to sneeze at either...I love sitting on my porch with the rain drizzling outside, cooling off the Florida heat and create subtle breezes to come through the screen.

Weather wise, I've always been a big fan of winter. I live in Florida so we are not blessed and burdened with snow. The cooler times are a nice change from the summer months though, not to mention emptying the electric bill further! I love the weather change, the visual cues, and the snug pullovers while sipping hot cocoa and reading on a cool winter night.

Besides being here in Florida, I HAVE been in snow and loved it. Would love to visit there, not sure I'd want to live with it on months on end. Would love to sit in a cabin by a roaring fire while it snowed outside. True bliss!

What about you and your preferred weather styles?