Mailbox Mondays - September 5th

I'm sure everyone gets tired of the Superman thing, but while browsing The Paperbackswap, I grew excited about this novel, Superman, Last Son of Krypton. The reviews for it were high, including on Goodreads and Amazon, which isn't always typical. They convinced me to give this one a shot. I'm right now eagerly awaiting it to arrive in the mail.

The second one also looks interesting - Personal Demons by Stacia Kane (Megan Chase #1). I know it will be quite different from the Morgan Kingsley series, but being on withdrawal from that one makes this one look all the more enticing.

As the dying planet Krypton tears itself apart, Jor-El, Krypton's greatest scientist, launches a tiny interstellar ship into the frigid void of space bearing in its hold his only child--the infant who will become Earth's Superman! From his childhood in Smallville, to his emergence as Metropolis newsman Clark Kent, through his battles with his arch-enemy Luthor, his story is told anew and as never before, with all the drama and excitement that have enthralled three generations of fans!

Megan promises listeners to her new radio call-in show that she'll "slay their personal demons," and they believe her. So do the personal demons... although she doesn't know it, Megan is the only human without a demon on her shoulder! Megan and her allies - a demon lover who both protects and seduces her with devilish intensity, a witch with poor social skills, and three cockney guard demons - have to deal not only with the personal demons, but a soul-sucker, ghosts of Megan's past, and a reporter who threatens to destroy Megan's career!

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