Top Ten Tuesday - Sept. 6th

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

 Top Ten Comedy TV Shows.

These are not listed by favorites - Just how they came to me, not as if I liked one more than the other.

When making this list, I found out that this list is not rather simple.

1.  Roseanne - Besides the last season, which I didn't like that much, Roseanne remains one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. They are especially popular with their holiday episodes. The family held a sense of everyday American realism that audiences could easily latch on to, and while Roseanne's personality was a little too abrasive in later episodes, it's still a show I will never tire of and love to watch even today. Great stuff and so much fun. My best friend and I still joke at Thanksgiving about the dinner roll scene. I couldn't find that particular scene.

2.   Picket Fences - While it didn't run many seasons either, I find the show incredible. It sure has cheesy, melodramatic moments - and some boring ones - but overall it was hilariously morbid and I genuinely dug the characters and episode themes. It was so different and really stands out as a new type of thing. Why I really like it so much, hard to say, but it's an older one that I'll keep rewatching.

3.  Golden Girls - I literally laugh out loud for minutes with this one, some of the funniest lines in television history are in this show. I'll never forget the joy of the amazing Golden Girls. There's not much else to say except wow, to get laughs this is the show to watch.

4. Seinfeld - Some dry moments but overall a funny show. I have most of the seasons on DVD. The character George is my favorite, then Elaine, then Jerry....never understood the Kramer appeal as much as others. Have gotten my son into this show and for Christmas last year gave him the DVD scene game as a present and we've played it a few times now, very fun. 

5.  Bewitched - The black and white episodes, pre-new Darrin. Loved this show growing up and still, Samantha was just...awesome. Dick York played a fun Darrin and Endora took the show when she showed up. Some hilarious moments and it just possessed a certain charm and "magic."

6.  Home Improvement - Tim with his antics often left me chuckling. When it comes to Christmas episodes, this shows a winner, while Roseanne dominates with Halloween and Thanksgiving specials. 

7. The Flintstones - Yes, really, The Flintstones. Some of the episodes have me roaring and I always fell in love with Fred's character, he's a hilarious exagerration of many of the men running around today, as well as Wilma's " droll" reactions.

8. Sex and the City - One of the best comedy shows ever in my book. Sure, much of it was exaggerated and unrealistic, but come on, it was fun. It was also one of the most realistic shows I've seen on relationship issues.

9. No Ordinary Family - This had so much promise, and to be canceled after only one season? How sad. Very funny and I really enjoy Michael Chiklis as an actor, the man has a certain presence. It was also unique, which is something TV needs.

10. George Lopez - This show has also ended. I've rarely laughed this hard at any TV show. The lines were cleverly hilarious and you couldn't help but love the characters. It was also realistic with some modern day themes such as debt and family - but with a touch of exaggeration to raise the entertainment bar.

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