Top Ten Tuesday -

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

Top Ten Favorite Things to Do On The Internet

1. Forums - For years I've been a forum addict. These days I moderate at the ChristianForums, and have also been active at DVDTalk, ArrowInTheHead, and JoBlo for years - going back to ArrowinTheHead for about 10 years.
3. Scrapbooking - I used Scrapblog for years but sadly they have now switched over. Digital scrapbooking has become a huge hobby of mine and I now have over thirty albums.
4. Blogging - Of course, blogging here and reading others blogs. is hilarious as well.

5. Goodreads -Goodreads is a fun place to visit, explore, add novels to wishlists, and keep in touch with other readers.
6. Social Networking Apps - I check Facebook several times a day - to keep in contact with friends, but also games. I lose interest sometimes and go back and forth, but overall they're addicting little things.

7. Read The News - I never had much interest for newspapers, but it's so easy to find fascinating articles online.

8.  Play League of Legends. Another addictive game that takes up too much of my time.

9.  8Tracks - A great site to create music playlists and explore others. Here's the link to mine.

10. Webkinz - Yes, geared toward kids...but I've been into the collectibles and online adventures/trading for years (including the forum.)

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