It's October - Such a Nice Month to Read....

I love the month of October. In Florida it doesn't feel like Fall is really starting to happen until toward the end of this month. There's subtle changes in the plants, trees, grass, but the weather feels summerish till about the end. Starts getting that mild pick up of a breeze that feels wonderful on skin used to humidity and damp heat. The subtle shade difference in the air as it cools is such a nice change and one I look forward to for months. Even the air smells better when it gets a little cooler.

Everything looks gorgeous, and of course there is the exciting event of Halloween to look forward to. Every year I do a get together with friends for a Halloween party, and every other year I go trick or treating with my son (and sometimes best friend and her daughter.) This year I won't be able to do the Trick-Or-Treating part, but I'll do the party. And I'll also have a night with my son where I play the playlist of hours of cheesy halloween music, including of course the great Monster Mash, where it's fun to light some candles, decorate the house and pumpkin, and put on the cheap little halloween DVD. October is also the month every year for the movie convention I go to, but that topic could make a blog of its own! We look forward to October all year to go away for the weekend and have a great time getting away from it all.

It finally feels less humid outside to read on my small porch that I love. It's raised slightly and feels like a little bubble looking out. Have the porch furniture and can put up my feet, the little glass table to my right for a steady supply of iced tea and reading snacks. Sometimes the kitten lays on me while I read, although  not often since he's mainly a distracting little thing.