MM - October 17th

As if last week wasn't busy enough for new books from a variety of choices, this week is one of the more active of the year. First, I received a few in the mail from a deal from a fellow reader -  6 total.  Second, there is a neighborhood tale here. My mother was helping run a community yard sale and helped an elderly woman and her family set up a table to sell her stuff. She has been telling me months that the woman LOVES to read and will be selling some of her books. She originally offered to donate them to the sale but my mother talked her into selling them for money, and also her twenty-one year old grandson has hundreds of comics he's wanting to sell for $2.00 a piece.  

I was lucky to meet the woman Linda a few times now, at Mary Kay parties. A sweet woman who told me stories of being lost hours at the local used bookstore when she was younger and her family knew she'd be gone awhile if she went. She ended up in a wheelchair and doesn't go there now. She was exciting about showing me books. Now, sadly, she passed away two days before the yard sale from a pulmonary embolism :(  I clearly felt awkward about the books now but her family is selling them still along with other items. My mother gave me extra money (I brought a certain amount), because she wanted me to buy more than I did. So, I ended up with several comics and several books. They primarily had romance so that's the main focus here. However, they also had some fantasy and one science-fiction. Since there's so many books I'll just mainly recap them here - otherwise this post will be a blog-length long!

Going to try to list the covers and just have them clickable for synopsis since it's more than the usual amount.

The Books I Got in the Mail:



I don't have book six of Seven up but want the whole series eventually anyway, so when I saw this as part of the deal added it in there. As a funny coincidence, the day after friend excitingly texted me that she had ordered book six (she's reading the series for the first time.) I loaned her book one, two, four, and five. I never had three, so she checked that one out from the library. Now I'll borrow her book six when I get there and she can borrow my book seven. I just need to nab book three sometime.

I've only read one Smallville book but with my superman thing, this makes sense on grabbing this one. Black is the color of my true lover's heart - wow, what a title! Has great reviews and looks to be a good noirish mystery. Three Act and Murder after hours fulfills more of my Poirot love, while This Weekend was murder looks to be a cuddly cozy.

Now - dududum! The books from the community rummage sale (briefly, sort-of). 

The First North American Series

An exciting addition was the old four covers of an Indian series I've seen around:

X-Men Novels and Hardbacks:

 Sci-Fi and Fantasy:

Harlequin Romance:

 Paranormal Romance:

Historical Type Romance:


 Drama and Non-Fiction:

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