Finding out Famous Books AREN'T Famous??

There's little point to this post other than "fun" ranting. On the phone the other day with a co-worker who has quickly become a friend, I mentioned Agatha Christie's novel And Then There were none (AKA Ten Little Indians.) I can't remember why the book was brought up at all, but that's beside the point.  Well, she mentioned she'd never heard of it. After reeling back in shock, I told her she must have been mistaken - surely she's heard of or seen one of the movies, and if she's never read the book everyone's heard of it? Nope.

I then told my fiance in surprise and he tells me he hadn't heard of it until I mentioned it.

Same story with my best friend.

I venture to work and ask my manager (I work at a University bookstore), and he says the same thing - never heard of the story.


I did find a rare soul or two but for the most part no one at the university staff that day had heard of Agatha Christie's famous story. I thought it was so well known.....!

Anyone else have this happen, stunned and shocked that a book you thought was famous has been heard by no one in your circle?